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How to register:

To register for our swimming lessons or our pool party lifeguarding services please fill out our contact us form.

For swimming lessons,

Please include:

  • First and last name(s) of the swimmer(s);
  • Their swimming abilities or their swim level;
  • If you would like to have private or semi-private swimming lessons;
    • **Please remember we don’t do any match up for the semi-private lessons**
  • A 30 mins or 45 mins lesson (30 minutes are preferable for children under 7);
  • And the time and day of the lesson (please check our business hours)
  • *also your home address if the lessons are given at your residence

For lifeguarding services

Please include:

  • Number swimmers at the party (max. of 15 people at the same time for one lifeguard);
  • Number of hours you will be needing us;
  • Date of the party;
  • And the home address;

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